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Competitive Self-Storage Pricing in Kent

Price to rent a complete container:

  • £130 +VAT = £156.00 per calendar month, paid in advance.
  • If you start your rental part-way through a month, you will be charged for the remainder of the month. Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month and payment must be made by the 5th. 


  • We operate a first come first serve.
  • Containers can be reserved, but the guaranteed reserve period must be paid for as a standard rental.

Minimum rental term:

  • One full month.

Termination period:

  • Two weeks notice is required.

Damage or loss deposit:

  • Two months rental charge is required as a deposit for loss and damage. This will be returned in full, if all the hire terms are complied with and everything is handed back in the same condition when it was first rented. The deposits comprises a 2x£130 = £260 for the container and a £50 deposit for one gate key, one security key fob, and one container padlock key. Total £310. There is no VAT on a deposit.

Size of complete container:

  • Length 5.8m (approx).
  • Width 2.3m (approx).
  • Height 2.3m (approx).

Maximum weight capacity:

  • 2 tonnes

'Real world' volume:

  • As a rough guide, a 6m or 20' container can accommodate the normal contents of the average three-bedroom house.

Prohibited items:

  • Hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, tyres, environmentally harmful or explosive goods.

Legal requirements:

  • Two forms of identification are required when hiring storage, one of which must be  a photo ID e.g. a passport or driving licence.The other must contain an address you abode.

Illegal Activity

  • We will not tolerate illegal activity at our storage facility. The Police and HM Customs & Excise are invited to access and inspect our premises at any time.