Security is Tight at Boxed Up Storage

24 hour surveillance

Our site benefits from movement sensors and high-resolution cameras that are monitored remotely. Any unauthorised activity can be challenged using a site-wide, remote-activated speaker system.


Totally enclosed site

Located in the centre of Thanet, our dedicated site is totaly enclosed by a high, solid steel fence. Staff are usualy on site during working hours but otherwise access is by a locked gate.


RFID pass-card system

You will be issued with a swipe-card to temporarily disable the site's alarm system if you need access out-of-hours (by pre-arrangement). The CCTV cameras remain active at all times.


Near daylight Illumination

The entire site is covered by very bright, switch and movement-sensor activated lighting to enhance saftey and boost security.


Robust container locks

Your container will be fitted with a CISA padlock - the industry-standard device for securing container doors. If required, however, you can also add your own padlock for extra peace-of-mind.