Commercial Storage Facilities in Thanet, East Kent

Ideal storage conditions

Considerable expense has been made insulating our containers against extremes in heat and preventing condensation. Both of which can damage stored items.

The containers are lined with insulation board and protected with 9mm of plywood for added protection. For even greater environmental stability you can run heaters or dehumidifiers as required (ask for electric option).


Safe walkways and stairs

Our walkways are wide enough to open doors fully. Moveable access stairs are wide enough to carry large objects if the forklift is unavailable, and we've worked hard to ensure there is never a gap between the stairs and the walkway.


High-tech security

Secured by solid steel fencing and flood-lighting for the evenings, high-res CCTV records 24/7. When staff are not on-site, access is by key at the front gate. An RFID fob disables the alarm, and customers are issued with a CISA industrial padlock for their container.


Easy access at upper level

Wide walkways allow the container doors to open fully, and the sturdy railings are designed to be opened outside every container for direct fork-lift access.


Space for loading and unloading

Our fully concreted yard has ample turning space to accommodate articulated lorries. Seen here are bespoke storage cages being loaded by fork-lift onto a 10m trailer.


Unload from truck to cage

Available on request, our special large cage for loading directly from your truck to your container. This can save a lot of time and lifting.  


Load from cage to container

Following on from above, convenient walkway gates allow the loaded cages to be taken direct to the door of the container regardless of which level they are on.


Forklifts and pallet trucks

Staff can drive our two three-tone forklifts to help with heavy items. We don't mind helping out with initial or occasional lifting tasks, but regular forklift use may be subject to additional fees.


Electricity and light

Your container can be connected to the electricity supply for £10 +VAT per month plus usage at the going commercial rate. This will give you internal lighting and the option to run a heater, dehumidifier or battery charger etc.


Heaters and dehumidifiers

Heaters and dehumidifiers can be hired from us or purchased as required. Ideally dehumidifier reservoirs should have a piped drain connection to a larger tank, eliminating the need to open the container to empty them.